Premium levitation modules-Special Lev

Electromagnets and advanced electronics inside

Our premium levitation modules are produced in Europe, based on unique technology, and are capable to support a loads up to 10 kg.

Technology uses reppeling magnets, electronic board integrated and sensors, to hold the load in a specific position or to rotate it. Load can be from 100g to 10 kg.

Professional custom made levitation systems. 

Super Premium levitation displays, levitation modules and levitation panels.

Special LEV systems

The heart of our systems are the levitation modules.

All modules provided by Special LEV are produced in Europe , checked and approved for use by specific authorities.

Modules are the premium type, created for those customers who want to perform in the best way with them. For industry, for huge impact of your company advertising!

SPECIAL LEV design and build unique levitation systems.

Custom made premium projects, created how you-customer request, to achieve the dream to have the most impresive advertising.

Only hight quality materials used, to define the system.

Build based on any material requested : wood, glass, plastic, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium.

Technical details and advantages of Special Lev systems:

-create for proffesional use

-hight levitation level (87 mm)

-capable to carry big load (10 kg)

-excelent stability: no balance, no breakdown

-easy to operate

-easy update

-produced in Europe at premium quality

All levitation systems are custom made, unique manufactured on your request.

Levitation will add history and soul to your brand. Your clients and partners will always remember you and your system.