Custom made levitation systems

Levitation systems- by SPECIAL LEV

SPECIAL LEV manufacture special levitation systems for premium companies and brands.

- You have a product or service that needs special advertising ?

- Your company has a special technology ?
- You are above competition with something unique ?

Choose Professional Levitation Systems ! 

Best investment in exclusive image promotion of your company !

Few details of our levitation sistems and modules :

  • Professional construction for premium companies
  • The only hight quality modules produced in Europe
  • Easy future update + unlimited customisation.
  • Wide range of materials used: wood, glass, copper, inox, steel, plexiglas.
  • For: medical, aerospatial, beverages, auto, hard industry, electronics, distributors, warehousing...


Only with SPECIAL LEV levitation systems and modules! Premium quality, proffesional use!


Unique promovation of your company!

Your system will be unique in world!



We guarantee that will be impressive!

If not, free service for all life !


Amaze clients + partners, with a touch! 

Professional levitation !

Profesional levitation systems for premium companies, brands, or products !


The SPECIAL LEV levitation systems, and levitation modules, have unique advantages !

Free delivery

You will not pay for transport of  systems ordered, no matter where your company is located !

Free testing

You can do a demo test with our module. And yes, it is free!

Buy back

We are happy to buy-back your levitation module, if you decide to go on next level !

Create now your levitation system for:

  1. - Your best product
  2. - Your company presentation
  3. - Your Logo

We have no limit for engineering and design !
 Be the owner of an unique in the world product ! 


Phone: +40 741.112.402

Email: contact@special-lev.com